We present the RustItalia Team Showdown – RustItalia

We present the RustItalia Team Showdown – RustItalia


The staff of RustItalia is proud to present you the RustItalia Team Showdown, an event that will take place starting from 5 pm on Sunday 31 May.

This event aims to create a different moment from the "normal" gameplay and bring together all the teams of the community; lasting about 3 hours will see the participant teams engaged in a clash to the death for the defense of their base or the destruction of their opponent.

Set in a custom map, the server will be set to X20 with custom loot, instant crafting and all BPs already unlocked.

Below I leave you the following reference links, alternatively you can find them by clicking on the "event" section at the top right

A large team can register multiple teams to participate, but if the registered teams team up, they will all be banned and blacklisted from any further event.

If you have any questions, you can write to the event organizer on Discord: @Wallas#7792

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